​​Are you struggling to get clear on exactly who you're serving in your women's health practice?

​Learn the Niche-Engage-Support Strategy that has helped hundreds of women's health and wellness professionals to start and grow successful practices.

(*​Learn the steps to finally ​have consistent revenue in your practice.)

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Get Clear on Your Women's Health Niche

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In this training, you will learn the key factors for getting clear on your niche.

Dr. Jessica Drummond, Founder of The Integrative Women's Health Institute, will walk you through the process for choosing and refining your niche client community. She will also show you how to choose your niche while keeping in mind the kind of practice that you want to build or expand, to avoid burning yourself out!

  • Finally choose your niche market and get clear on your ideal client.
  • Choosing your niche goes deeper than just your marketing message, it permeates everything that you do in your practice, teaching, and relationship building.
  • When you get niche clarity, it becomes easy to grow your practice because you will immediately fit into the ecosystem of that niche through how you care for your clients, your marketing, and your collaborating network.