​Get your patients better faster and more easily by adding good nutrition to their rehab programs...

Why Physical and Occupational Therapists
Need to Understand Nutrition

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Why PT's and OT's Need to Understand Nutrition

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    How the chronic disease crisis is changing physical and occupational therapy.
  • 3
    * Nutrition is a key part of physical and occupational therapy scope of practice - an update from major professional organizations.
  • 4
    * How "allopathic" nutrition is distinct from functional nutrition.
  • 5
    * Why having a systematic approach to adding nutrition to your practice is key.
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    * How stress, sleep, relationships, and other lifestyle medicine factors are essential to a systematic functional nutrition approach.
  • 7
    * How to expand your personal scope of practice allowing you to use more nutrition tools as a part of your rehab practice. 
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