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I am a health & wellness coach with endometriosis myself. In 2012 I was in pain almost daily. I don’t know how to express in words what I feel about this program. It has made me better personally and professionally. In my personal and professional opinion, this program is the best one out there.

Audrey Sourroubille

Health Coach
This was my first introduction to a comprehensive approach to healing my recent diagnosis of IC. I was desperate for help and support. Your caring and professional approach was a relief. I’m a health care professional and appreciated your health care education and background.

Kathy McCune

“ Introduction - Her story!”

Sarada Chaudhuri

Relieving Her PCOS Symptoms

Sarada Chaudhuri

A Message of Hope!

Sarada Chaudhuri

I feel like nutrition plays a huge role in pelvic pain and is definitely a piece of the puzzle for me. I can honestly tell you that finding IWHI and participating in their program has greatly improved health.

Dr. Laura Ricci

Physical Therapist

Introduction - Her story!

Rebekah Marler

A Better Quality of Life

Rebekah Marler