Eat More Hurt Less

“I feel so much better already!”

The above quote was taken directly from my Facebook group (with my client’s permission, of course!)

First of all, Yay!  Second of all, notice that in that expression of joy, notice that there’s not even a mention of taking certain foods OUT of her diet.  Does this woman sound deprived at all?  NO.  She sounds happy, and it sounds like she’s eating delicious smoothies and green juices every day.

This is where the healing begins.

I believe that there is an epidemic of deprivation in our lives that directly contributes to our pelvic pain.  When a woman is deprived of nutrients, pleasure, laughter, joy, sleep, touch, delightful scents, and beauty, she hurts – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Take a look at this picture…


Now, take a deep breath and imagine…

Every vegetable and fruit created by nature is beautiful, nourishing, tasty, fragrant, and colorful.  Imagine sitting down to a lovingly prepared drink full of nature’s bright green, red, yellow, and purple foods and drinking it in and bathing each of your cells in its nourishing vitamins, minerals, fiber, and hydration.

Does that image feel healing to you?  Is it possible that by adding MORE nutrients and pleasure to your life you could impact your period pain by 50% just like my client above? – in just ONE MONTH?

I have seen this happen so many times now that it seems obvious to me, that of course, a body that is fully nourished with all of the nutrients that it needs will have a better functioning pain relief system.  Of course.

But, the prevailing wisdom is that we must FIGHT the pain, we must DEPRIVE the woman in pain of certain foods, attention, and beauty – isolate her so that she can get well.  Do those ideas sound healing to you?

My goal is that together we will change the healing paradigm, simply because it works.  Right now there are 176 million women suffering from the pain of endometriosis, and millions more suffering from painful periods, painful sex, ovarian cysts, PMS, and many more causes of pelvic pain.  What if each of those women could drink in the healing power of nature every morning, and then log in to her healing community of women, her sisterhood of support?  What if you did?  How does that feel?

What do you think of our new paradigm of healing – nourishing women in pain with community, sisterhood, delicious and healing foods, beauty, laughter, and more?  Comment below, and share your thoughts on our perspective.  Thanks for being a part of our sisterhood of healing!



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