Patient Success Stories

- Cena Block, Sane Spaces

Jessica is a lifesaver. Before working with her I was exhausted and overweight. We quickly discovered I had an autoimmune thyroid condition (that my own doctor did not find) and significant food allergies. Jessica is an incredible coach and support system. I was feeling overwhelmed and she made getting healthy manageable. She provides all the resources you need to get your hormones in balance and lose the excess weight. Before I found Jessica I thought something was wrong with me because I had symptoms but my doctor told me for years there was nothing wrong. I don’t know what I would do without her in my corner. If you’re ready to lose weight, have more energy and get your hormones balanced naturally, you need to hire Jessica – she’s truly the best in her field.
- Silvana Perelli, Lifestyle Design Coach & Creator of

When I first started seeing Jessica, I felt I had hit rock bottom with fertility and health. The hormones from 4 failed IUD’s had put my body through the ringer. I was having difficulty losing the weight that I had gained from the stress of infertility and from taking the hormone cocktail necessary for the IUD’s. My mood was up and down like a roller coaster and I had no energy left. I was depressed about not feeling the way I thought I should feel-vibrant with energy to enjoy life. Working with Jessica was just what I needed. I had worked with other nutritionists and tried to do it on my own. But, Jessica really helped to hold my hand and guide me through the process of becoming healthier. Her phone sessions were great as I was tired of taking time off for doctor appointments, acupuncture appointments, and lab work. The phone sessions were structured and organized with time for questions and answers. Her approach was holistic addressing the mind, body, and spirit for a healthier me. She took into account my daily routine to help me find ways to practice my new eating plan.

After working with Jessica for 4-5 months, I did start to see the weight come off and my energy increase. I was worried at first because I wanted it to happen instantaneously. But, Jessica assured me that the weight would come off but my body needed time to heal from the stress I had put it under with fertility treatments and to get used to the healthier eating lifestyle that I was embarking on. She was right! I feel that after working with Jessica I have the right tools and knowledge to continue my journey to reach my goal weight and to get pregnant. Thank you Jessica for giving me my life back and making it a better healthier life to get back to.”- Kathryn Kertz, Houston, TX

“Jessica’s health and nutrition program was a perfect accompaniment to the goals I was trying to achieve.  Not only does she help you improve the food you eat, but she helps you improve the quality of your life and soul!  Equally important, she is friendly and easy to talk to. She is patient and encouraging and you leave her program feeling like you have made a friend who will be there any time you have a question. Her guidance has been invaluable to me.”- Jane Lightfoot, Houston, TX

Jessica has truly changed my life.  I never realized how low my energy levels were and how chronically tired I was until she taught me how to eat right for me. It came as a big surprise I was doing so many things wrong for my body, when all along I considered myself “fit” and super “healthy”. With her knowledge and guidance, she taught me how to eat the right foods for me. My mom and I both worked with her and we love sharing recipes and food! There is so much literature and trends out there on food and diet and what is healthy, Jessica is one stop shopping! Everything she teaches is backed by fact and research. Her combination of medical knowledge, healthy diet, and holistic attitude has turned my condition and life around! I have honestly never felt so energized! I also feel that Jessica will always answer any question or take my phone call, no matter how big or small my question. She is always there for you…” - Laura Tilley, Houston, TX

It has been my extreme pleasure to meet, work along side with and receive as a client the benefits of Jessica’s passion and knowledge of health, nutrition in particular.We began a professional coaching relationship over 3 months during which time she expertly guided and coached me with warmth, compassion and a superb knowledge base to realign my health and nutrition with my core values and what I want in life. I feel better than ever and have changed my diet and lifestyle with more ease than I ever thought possible.” - Carol A.Shear, BNRN, Life & Integrative Health Coach, Rise Up Coaching, LLC

Just a note to pay a huge dept of gratitude to Jessica for turning my life around. When I was diagnosed with borderline Diabetes last year my doctor recommended change of diet, before we got into medication. After 69 years of eating anything I wanted I didn’t have a clue. The word diet was foreign to me. Jessica made everything so easy. She taught me to read labels, to choose the right products, to balance my meals. The word diet was never mentioned, and she made it light and fun. Along with exercise, I am 15 lbs lighter, my sugar levels are normal and I never felt better. Thank you so much for your care and guidance.” - Rosalie Sisto, Houston TX

“I came to my first meeting with Jessica feeling confused and mystified, feeling that I’d been doing everything ‘right’ but something was missing.  After just speaking with Jessica for an hour, I now feel empowered and ready to move forward.  Jessica impressed me with her compassion and her expertise.  Thank you so much!  I now feel empowered and the healing has begun.” – Grace Quantock, Award Winning Wellness Expert, Wales, UK

“I am recovering really well from surgery! My pain is down and I haven’t gotten sick in months (I used to get sick all the time)! I have also explored my creativity this summer and started making beaded jewelry, which is something I loved to do many years ago and haven’t done in a while due to pain and lack of time. It feels good to create pretty things and I am so grateful for how much better I feel and how in-tune with my body I have become. Cue “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang…Yeah-hoo!” – Laura Ricci, Physical Therapist, Amarillo, TX

“After just one week on one of Jessica’s Foundations cleanse programs. I feel better, lost 5 and a half pounds!, Thanks, Jessica, for opening up my eyes to my female issues too! I don’t think I realized some of the pain I’ve been experiencing was related to my cycle. Thanks everyone, this has been a great experience.” — Lisa Upton, Speech Therapist, Fairfield, CT

- Rebekah Marler, Leveraged School Solutions