New in the IWHI Training VAULT: Post-Birth Control Syndrome (PBCS)

New in the IWHI Training VAULT: Post-Birth Control Syndrome (PBCS).

This month we added a very special training to the IWHI Clinical Education Vault, with Dr. Jolene Brighten, on the effects of Birth Control and how to support your patients. There’s an emerging epidemic facing women globally when they stop taking hormonal birth control. This epidemic is called Post-Birth Control Syndrome (PBCS). It causes major challenges for women’s hormones including hair loss, weight gain, mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, libido loss,…

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We Stand for Planned Parenthood

When my friend, Alex Jamieson sent me an email a couple of weeks ago asking if I would join her and 100 of my colleagues in taking a stand to support Planned Parenthood as a woman and women’s health leader who cares about the health of ALL women… I hesitated. You see, at my core… I am a healer. I am pro-life. Pro-quality-of-life. I have always been politically pro-choice because…

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How to Conceive Naturally Book Review

If you want healthy children, support the health of their parents. In my practice, supporting mom and dad's health begins even before conception. As a clinical nutritionist, I work with women every week who struggle with fertility or who simply want to be as healthy as possible before they get pregnant.  Reducing each woman's environmental toxin load and supporting her detoxification system are essential to supporting her best perinatal health. …

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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing a Prenatal Vitamin

Optimal nutrition support for our client begins before she even conceives. Birth control pills make it difficult for women to absorb some nutrients that are essential for healthy pregnancy. Ideally, women who were previously on birth control pills will replete those nutrients before conception. Nutrients that are not well absorbed while women are on birth control pills include folate, vitamins B2, B6, and B12, vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10,…

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