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Welcome to The IWHI Community! Learn more about how The ​​Birth Control MasterClass program can ​help you to ​guide your patients and clients (and yourself and your teens!) to choose the best contraceptive method.

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Regular Price - $497
Early Bird Price - $47

Enroll Now!

Regular Price - $497

What will you learn in The ​Birth Control MasterClass?

This program ​is designed to teach you how a wide variety of contraceptives work, and how to choose which is the best for you, your teenager, your patients, and your clients (male or female!) ​

  • ​Learn how a normal menstrual cycle works, and what a "period" ​while using hormonal birth control really means.
  • ​Learn how hormonal and non-hormonal ​contraceptive methods impact hormonal health and balance.
  • ​Learn the benefits of a normal, healthy menstrual cycle (some call it the "5th vital sign") to heart, brain, and bone health.
  • ​Learn how a healthy menstrual cycle is important to metabolism and weight management.
  • ​Learn the impact of estrogen and progesterone on general health.
  • ​Learn the risks and benefits of hormonal oral contraceptives to sexual health, and general health, including cancer risk.
  • ​Understand hormonal contraceptives beyond oral birth control pills... learn about IUD's, rings, and long term hormonal injections.
  • ​Learn the differences between hormonal and copper IUDs, and their risks and benefits.
  • ​Understand the morning after pill, and during what part of the menstrual cycle it's NOT effective.
  • ​Learn all about fertility and contraception apps, and the importance of using barrier methods correctly ​(which is often not well taught in schools!)
  • Learn current and future options for male contraception, and their benefits and risks.

What Our Students Say:

“​There simply aren’t enough words to say how wonderful the Integrative Women’s Health Institute is. Taking part in their programs has forever changed the way I work with my clients!." -- ​Dr. Nara Yoon, PT, OCS, Founder of PhysioElements,

"​I have taken three courses with the Integrative Women’s Health Institute and each time I am impressed with the amount of content, data and practical skills I come away with that I an integrate into my practice straight away. Not only have I developed my coaching skills beyond what I thought was possible, it has had a profound effect on my clients, letting them take the lead in many cases where they have previously felt hopeless.

The amount of evidence for nutritional strategies and the systematic approach has truly revolutionised my practice and helped me to make skilled recommendations to my clients where required.

If you work with women, I cannot recommend this course highly enough." -- ​Rachel Eyre, Women's Health Coach, The Healthy Womb

​The Birth Control MasterClass

This is a self-paced, fully online ​educational program.

What You Get

  • 3 Educational Modules covering the ​wide variety of contraceptive methods, how they function, their benefits and risks.
  • Evidence-based training on nutrient​ support for those nutrients depleted with contraceptive use.
  • ​A deep-dive look at how the menstrual cycle works, and the importance of female hormone cycles to long term health.
  • ​A look at current and future trends for new contraceptive methods, and what kinds of contraceptives are most popular among younger generations.
  • ​And, a surprising look at some little known facts about emergency contraception and barrier methods.

The 3 Modules of ​Contraceptive Training ​To Support Your Own Health, and The Health of Your Adolescents, Patients, and Clients

Module 1: ​The Benefits of Healthy Menstrual Cycles
In this module, you will learn ​how the hormones vary through the cycles. The benefits of varied hormone levels on long term reproductive, sexual, cardiovascular, brain, and bone health.  And, you'll learn what the bleeding that occurs with hormonal contraceptives really means.

Module 2 : ​Hormonal Oral Contraceptive Pills
​In this module, you'll learn how hormonal oral contraceptives work, their effectiveness, and their risks and benefits for long term health - including fertility, cardiovascular health, bone health, brain health, and cancer risk.

Module 3:​ Beyond Hormonal Contraceptive Pills
In this module, you will learn ​the effectiveness, risks and benefits of a wide range of contraceptive methods including barrier methods (and what many people do wrong when using these), IUD's, long term hormonal injections, male contraception, and fertility/ contraception apps.

Enroll Now!

Regular Price - $497
Early Bird Price - $47

Enroll Now!

Regular Price - $497

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CCN, PT, Founder and CEO of the Integrative Women's Health Institute is passionate about caring for and empowering women who struggle with women’s and pelvic health conditions.

She is equally passionate about educating and supporting clinicians in confidently and safely using integrative tools to transform women's and pelvic healthcare.

Having two decades of experience in women’s and pelvic health as a physical therapist and functional nutritionist, plus owning a private women’s health clinical nutrition and coaching practice, gives her a unique perspective on the integrative, conservative options for pelvic pain management, hormone balance, preconception and fertility support, postpartum recovery, and chronic pain and fatigue management.

She regularly lectures on topics such as integrative pelvic pain management, natural fertility options, optimal hormone health, and functional and integrative nutrition for rehabilitation, nutrition, wellness, fitness, and medical professionals.

Dr. Drummond was educated at the University of Virginia, Emory University, Duke Integrative Medicine, and Maryland University of Integrative Health

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Enroll Now!

Regular Price - $497
Early Bird Price - $47

Enroll Now!

Regular Price - $497

​This program offers you the in depth information you need to transform your clients’ lives, and yours and your family's as well.


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Money Back Guarantee

Try The ​Birth Control MasterClass Risk-Free.

We believe you will love The ​Birth Control MasterClass and see it's impact your clients, your health, your family's health, and your practice success right away! However, if for ANY reason you are not satisfied with the program, you are eligible for a refund up to 1 week from the delivery of the first full Module, minus a 10% administration fee.


57% of sexually active high school students reported using a condom in 2015, down from 63% in 2003.

— The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This course is designed for all ​women and men in their childbearing years...

  • ​Parent
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    ​Anyone making family planning decisions
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    Nutritionist or Dietitian
  • Physical or Occupational Therapist
  • Health Coach
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    Fitness Professional
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    School Nurse
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    Nurse Practitioner
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    Physician Assistant
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    Naturopathic Physician
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    And more...

This program is for YOU!

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