It’s a cold, rainy day here in Houston.  I find myself with a quiet moment in the midst of this holiday week of celebration, and I felt inspired to write to you about how 2015 can be the best year yet for you and the women in your practice and in your life.


“Be the inspiration!” is the idea that The Integrative Pelvic Health Institute is built on. “Be the inspiration!” is the idea and the action from which I try to live my life and lead my company.

Each of us has our challenges in this life.  Some of us struggle with physical pain or fatigue.  My struggle with hormonal imbalances, infertility, and severe fatigue is the reason that I started doing this work, and why I work so hard every day to improve women’s health and healthcare.

Laura Ricci, our adored content and social media manager, is preparing as we speak for major surgery on her hip tomorrow.  You can read all about her inspiring story here.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow (Monday, December 29th, 2014) starting at 8:30am central time and throughout the day.  Think of her being wrapped in a teal blanket of love especially at 10:30am central time tomorrow.  Thank you!

Now, back to you… 2015 can be your year to inspire!

The more health and wellness professionals that we educate and support, the more committed I am to your health and wellbeing!  After all, how can we take care of other women, helping and supporting them to be healthy if we’re worn out, burned out, and stressed out ourselves.  Seriously!  It’s time to take care of yourself so that you have the energy, presence, and gusto to take care of all of the women in your practice.

So, here’s my 2015 challenge to you… spend some time this week as the calendar turns to the new year and consider how you can be the inspiration to the women in your life – your patients, your clients, your daughters, your friends, your mother, your sisters, and every woman in your life!

Share your ideas with us on twitter tag me @jessrdrummond, Facebook, or Instagram @jessrdrummond.  Use the hashtag #BeTheInspiration so that we can share your inspiring stories!

Here are some ideas to inspire you to be inspiring…

  1. Turn off all of your electronics by 8pm, and get to sleep by 10pm.  (Then tell us how getting a good night of sleep made a difference in your day!)
  2. Take advantage of the winter weather (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere) and restore your adrenal strength during this season of dark and calm.  Join our Winter Foundations program.  (Share with us how much you like the food!)
  3. Take advantage of the summer weather (if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) and get energized, explore, move more, and reset your sex hormones.  Join our Summer Foundations program. (Share your adventures with us!)
  4. Start a joy journal.  Write down (and for bonus points share loudly at the dinner table!) 3 ways that you spread and received joy each day.
  5. Spend more time in nature.  (Take pictures and don’t forget to share them with us on twitter, Facebook, or instagram #BeTheInspiration.)
  6. Move more.  More and more of my work involves sitting at a desk and writing.  While I love the intellectual challenge of reading the research and writing to teach and inspire, I needed to get off of my butt (literally.)  So, last year I hired a trainer, and now I can deadlift (safely and with a supported pelvic floor!) 100 pounds!  What movement inspires you?  Yoga?  Nia?  Pole dancing? Running in the snow?  Surfing?  Share it with us and inspire us!
  7. Connect more.  When was the last time you wrote your grandmother a letter?  Or a love note to your lover?  Or laughed for hours with your dearest friends?  Make space for offline connection this year.  And, inspire us!
  8. Create your 2015 vision.  But first, take a hard look at what you can take off of your plate.  What are you willing to give up?
  9. Do something fun just to put a smile on your own face.  A new lipstick?  Paint something?  Plan a date night, just so you can wear your favorite new shoes?  Optimal health goes beyond the absence of symptoms, optimal health means to live your life with love, creativity, fun, adventure, and spice.   And, optimal women’s health comes with a dash (or more!) of feminine energy.  How can you bring more play into your life?  Inspire us.
  10. Be present.  No matter how much you’re struggling right now, life is to be lived moment by moment.  Be present to the gifts that are right in front of you in the midst of the pain.  The more that you look for the blessings in the present, the more you will find them.


Inspire on, healers!


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