Just in case you were unable to catch me over the weekend on News 8 in New Haven, CT, I wanted to share the segment with you because couldn’t we use a little boost this morning at work.  Check out my tips for using your “hormonal clock” to schedule your next big presentation!

I mentioned in that segment that periodically I post some of my favorite natural skin care products because using fewer chemicals in our hair, on our skin, and in our homes is very important to keeping our hormones in tip-top shape.  I have been spending lots of time at the beach, both here in Fairfield and in the big Florida waves.

By the way, I stood up on a surfboard for the first time ever on our recent trip!  Surfing is by far one of the most fun ways to exercise.  Claire was amazing!  I was happy to just catch a wave from time to time… a nice break from paddling. :)

Anyway, when you’re at the beach all day, it’s a must to wear sunscreen.  And, my current favorite is Coola.  I used their tinted one on my face, and the mineral body all over.  (In fact, I used the mineral body on my face too, when we were at the beach for hours.)  And, I used the mineral baby on the kids.  No one came home sunburned, and we avoided the hormone-disrupting chemicals in many other brands.

In other beach news, I took my week at the beach as the perfect opportunity to complete my review of Juil sandals.  Juil is a new shoe brand that aims to create shoes that allow for the energetic transfer, meaning literally the transfer of electrons from the Earth to you and back, through your shoes.  I have written about how Earthing has been shown to help with hormone balance and sleep.  I wanted to see if these shoes would be useful as a tool for Earthing without having to be barefoot.

Here’s what I found.

First of all, I like sandals.  They are cute and comfortable.  Though they did take a bit of time to break-in.  I got blisters the first 3 times that I wore them, but I did start wearing them in much cooler weather.  So, that may have been an issue.

The major problem, in my opinion, is that while it makes sense that the shoes will transfer electrons via the copper channels in them, usually when I’m wearing shoes, I walk on concrete or asphalt.   Grass, sand, dirt, and concrete are conductive, but asphalt is not.   Thus, whether walking barefoot or in Juil Sandals walking on asphalt will not conduct the Earth’s energy to or from your body.  If you often walk on conductive surfaces with shoes on, then Juil Sandals are a good option for you.

I found them to be useful on hot sand on vacation.  And, they were great on wet grass during elementary school field day.

I would prefer to be barefoot when walking in grass, dirt, or sand.  But, when that is not possible, Juil Sandals are a good option.

Overall, I like the shoes.  I love the idea of Earthing, but the most significant issue for me regarding these shoes is that I don’t spend much of my time walking on conductive surfaces in shoes.  At home, I am barefoot and walk on (non-conductive) wood most of the time, and when I’m out, I usually walk on asphalt.  If you spend a lot of time on concrete, grass, sand, or dirt in shoes, these adorable shoes would be a great option for you to get some benefit from the natural energy available on the Earth’s surface.

Give them a try, and let me know what you think!