Environmental Toxins!

  Environmental Toxins and Women’s Health!

The world is waking up to the fact that everyday toxic exposures are not only real, but a big part of the rise in chronic health issues. In fact, it’s crystal clear that the connection between environmental toxin exposures and women’s health issues is incredibly strong. Health practitioners (and especially those who work with female patients) must become fluent in this topic so they can better support their clients and…

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How Nutrition Contributes to Cancer and Cancer Recover?

The Best 10 Minutes on How Nutrition Contributes to Cancer and Cancer Recovery with Dr. Jessica Drummond and Dr. Nalini Chilkov!

New clinical training on “Nutrition and How it Contributes to Cancer and Cancer Recovery” with Dr. Nalini Chilkov, one of the leaders in functional nutrition and integrative cancer care. [embed][/embed] During this interview, you will have several valuable takeaways: [1:15] What are the stages and core needs and questions along the cancer journey? [3:45] The tumor micro-environment and how nutrition contributes to every aspect of carcinogenesis. [5:20] How lifestyle and…

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